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At Dance Fusion of Harrisburg, we offer both competitive and recreational level dance classes in ballet, tap, jazz, acro, pointe, lyrical, and hip hop.
We accept dancers ages 3 years and up.
Pre-Dance (Ages 3-4/Pre-K) Class length: 30 minutes
A dance class for our younger dancer that incorporates acro-dance, creative movement and pre-ballet. Through fun and exciting activities dancers will gain an introduction to basic ballet steps and terminology with continued emphasis on building confidence and coordination.
Dancers will perform 1 dance routine in our end-of-year recital.
Combination Class: Ballet/Tap (Ages 4-5) Class length: 45 minutes
A dance class created especially for children going into Kindergarten or their final year of Pre-K. Dancers will learn both basic ballet and tap terminology & skills in a fun, yet structured, environment with continued emphasis on building confidence, coordination and a love of dance.
Dancers will perform 2 dance routines in our end-of-year recital.
Combination Class: Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Ages 6-8)
Class Length: 60 minutes
A dance class for younger dancers that incorporates ballet, tap and jazz. This class includes a break down of basic dance steps in each genre in a more structured, traditional, dance class environment. Increased emphasis will be placed on proper technique through positive encouragement and technical critiques. 
Dancers will perform 2 dance routines in our end-of-year recital.
Ballet (Ages 9 and up) Class Length: Varies
This genre is the foundation of all forms of dance. Students will learn proper placement & body alignment, a more detailed ballet vocabulary, classical technique, and increased emphasis on flexibility. This dance class will consist of barre and center floor work. For more advanced dancers this will include optional work en pointe by invitation only.
Jazz (Ages 9 and up) Class Length: Varies
One of the most popular genres of dance... seen on TV and in music videos! This class includes a fast paced warm-up, across the floor work and technique, with choreography to current pop/up beat songs, that are age appropriate.
Tap (Ages 9 and up) Class Length: 30 minutes
This form of dance requires special shoes with "taps" screwed into the ball and heel of the sole. In this class, dancers gain an understanding of tap terminology and sounds, while also learning more about timing, rhythm and syncopation.
Hip Hop (Ages 9 and up) Class Length: 30 minutes
A high energy class exploring movement styles seen on TV. Classes consist of across the floor work and choreography to current hip-hop music, that is age appropriate. There is increased emphasis on having fun and getting moving. A great class for dancers and non-dancers!
Lyrical/Contemporary (Ages 12 and up) Class Length: Varies
This style of dance has gained most of its' noterity from TV shows like "So You Think You Can Dance." This class will push dancers to explore movement of their entire body and story telling through dance. Classes will consist of across the floor work, technique and choreography to slower songs that evoke a feeling or emotion in the dancer.
Acrobatics Class Length: 60 minutes
This class teaches flexibility, strength, and basic acrobatic skills. Students will have the opportunity to learn such things as hand stands, forward rolls, back bends, back walk overs, front walk overs, chin stands, cartwheels, round offs, and side/front aerials based on skill level.
*Please note, this is not a gymnastic or tumbling class.*
Dancers will perform 1 acro routine in our end-of-year recital.
*Not sure which acro class your child fits into? Click here for more information.

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